Carson Palmer Up For Fed Ex Air POW

Despite the loss this weekend, Carson Palmer tossed up some amazing stats.palmer11.jpg

Palmer passed for 401 yards and recorded six touchdowns in the Bengals’ 45-51 loss to the Cleveland Browns. Palmer completed 30-of-50 (66 percent) with a 113.4 passer rating. As a result, he is now nominated for Fed Ex Air Player of the Week. Head on over to the site and vote for Carson after his great performance. He is up against Brett Favre and Derek Anderson and as of earlier this afternoon Palmer was leading over Anderson with 38% of the vote while Anderson has just 35%.

It’s tight, so get on over there and vote!

Marvin Lewis Angers Press, Fans

Seems that Marvin is taking his frustrations out on the media after the embarrassing loss to the Brownies. In his pressmarvin-crutches.jpg conference, which you can watch at, here are some of the quotes that stood out.

Marvin basically says the Bengals lost due to 5 plays….

“We have to play better in the critical parts of games,” Lewis said at his Monday news conference. “Couple those five plays together and it’s a different outcome of the game. You look at the difference between the headlines in our area compared to the headlines four hours north and you’d think they shut us out. That’s the difference with plays being made.”

In response to Chick Ludwig that maybe the special teams was doing a poor job staying in their lanes on kick returns…..

“We didn’t play very well, but your very elemetary assessment of it is a little off base”

And of course, the shot that really got to the media types….

“As I tell (the players) all the time, No. 1, ‘Don’t try to explain it to (the media) because (they) don’t understand it.”

In addition to Marvin’s comments, defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan told the defense he would have changed only one call!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about throwing your players under the bus!

And the press is pissed, here are some of my favorite examples….

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Bengals Embarrassed By Browns 51-45

In what could go down as one of the most embarrassing losses in Bengals history, the Browns beat Cincinnati yesterday injamlewis1.jpg Cleveland 51-45. The Bengals defense went from celebrated one week ago to totally crushed yesterday in Cleveland. Oh, what a difference a week makes! While it is certainly true that all the praise after last week’s effort against the Ravens was probably blown out of proportion, the massive step backwards taken by this defense yesterday leaves Bengals fans thinking….here we go again.

Let’s first take a look at our keys to the game laid out in our preview and see how Cincy did.

  1. What we said…….. Rudi Johnson – everyone seems to be highlighting this, and for good reasons, Rudi has a rich history against the Browns and if he tears them up, the Bengals win big. I am expecting 110 and 2 scores from Rudi.
    What happened?……. Rudi started off good catching the first of Palmers 6 TD’s but when the shootout began the focus shifted to the air attack. Still Rudi did finish with 151 total yards, a nice day.
  2. What we said……..Bengals Run D – I highlighted this last week and the Bengals D did it’s job, this week they face their old teammated Eric Steinbach on the Browns OL and a familiar rival in Jamal Lewis. Gotta hold Lewis under 75 yards in my opinion. What happened?…….The Bengals were gashed by Lewis again. He ran for 216 yards and a 66 yard score. The run D sucks again!
  3. What we said……..Special Teams Play – One of the things that was less than stellar against Baltimore was the play of the special teams. The Bengals gave up the punt return TD to Ed Reed and had injury issues with Graham. Got to have this facet shored up, and now. What happened?……..Joshua Cribbs ran at will on kickoffs and the Bengals coverage was poor again. While this was far from one of the worst things about yesterday, it certainly did not help either.

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If It’s Brown Flush It Down – Part 2

Here we have the Browns fan. Not only dumb enough to root for a horrible team and franchise, but also too stupid to even know how to tailgate…..sigh.

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Battle Of Ohio Part 1 Game Preview

This sunday the Bengals and Browns tee things up in Cleveland for part one of thisrudi-cleve.jpg year’s battle of ohio. The Browns are certainly on the downward spiral still after a humiliating loss to Pittsburgh last week while the Bengals are looking for another valuable division win early in the season.

But, this is not only a divisional game on the road for Cincy, which is never easy, but it is a rivalry game, and the Brownies should be ready. Before I launch into some key points for our Bengals this weekend, here are some numbers behind this rivalry.

  • The Bengals lead the rivalry 34-33
  • The Bengals have a current 5 game win streak against the Browns
  • The Bengals are 10-6 versus the Browns since the Browns came back into the league as an expansion team in 1999.
  • The Bengals are 6-2 under Marvin Lewis against the Browns

Now, here are what we will call the “Keys To Victory” this weekend for the Bengals.

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Geathers Named Defensive Player Of The Week!

geather2.jpgEarlier this week we alerted you to the fact that Robert Geathers was up for Defensive Player of the week over at Well, it looks like all three of you that visit our humble site went over and voted for Jumpy cause he won! Congrats to Geathers and lets hope this is the start of a big season for the Bengals defense!

Here is how the voting shook out…..

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If It’s Brown, Flush It Down – Part 1

Since it is rivalry week for the Bengals, it is a great time to remember why we hate the Clowns Browns so much. Here is Part 1 of what should easily be a multi part series……

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Chad Johnson vs. The Dawg Pound

One of the side notes to this weekends matchup between the Bengals and Brownies isdawg2.jpg that Chad Johnson has gone on record saying that if he scores, he is jumping into the Dawg Pound. Again, it’s Chad being Chad, and I for one don’t mind.

Now, is jumping into the enemy fan’s “lair” a good idea? Usually not really, but everyone seems to like Chad and the Dawg Pound is not the battery throwing rough house it once was, so why not? Here are quotes from both Chad, and that fat-ass guy that dresses up like a dog every sunday……

Chad – “It’ll be fun, man. I love the Dawg Pound,” said Johnson. “I talked to a gentleman – I’m not sure what his name is – but he’s sat there every year since my rookie year. Before every game, I go up to him and talk to him. A heavy-set guy who wears a mask. I talk to him all the time every year. I told him I’m going to jump in there. So I don’t know. If I see him again, I’m going to let him know: I’m going to jump in here.

chadjohnson2.jpg“If y’all beat up on me, don’t hit me too hard.

Fat Ass Cleveland Guy – “Maybe I’ll fake like I’m going to catch him and then when he jumps get out of the way,” Thompson joked Wednesday from Cleveland. “No, I wouldn’t do anything to him, but there are some guys around me that might. I’d have to make it look good and maybe just hit him on the back a few times so it doesn’t look like I’m coddling him.”

Also from tub o lard, the Browns fan…..

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Carson Palmer goes on record regarding Patriots scandal


I have not let the Patriots cheating scandal seep into our Bengals blog yet this week, but after Carson Palmer went on record about it, I thought it was as good of a time as any to throw out an opinion of my own as well. Of course, at this point you know that the Patriots are on the brink of some sort of penalty regarding a Patriots employee being caught on the Jets sideline last weekend with a video camera. The employee was trying to gain an unfair advantage by video taping Jets defensive signals.

Carson Palmer said this regarding the scandal.palmer1.jpg

Hopefully there’s a harsh enough penalty that it’s not worth it to try to cheat and try to get any advantage that you’re not allowed to get,” Palmer said. “I hope the commissioner is just as harsh on them as he’s been on individual players for making mistakes“.

I don’t disagree with Palmer, and I think the commissioner will come down rather hard on the Pats. But, lets get something straight. I have heard some people saying the Belichick needs to be suspended for multiple games or that the Patriots need to have games forfeited. I have even heard some say that there should be an asterisk next to their Super Bowl wins. That my friends, is ridiculous.

There is no way to prove that this is something that happened in the past or to penalize for it, and while I think this will at the very least cause many who felt the Pats were pure as snow to think twice now. I think the penalty, should no other things arise, should be a high draft pick next season (1st or 2nd round) and a hefty fine. This will ensure that other teams and the Pats don’t try this again. And in the end, that has to be what Commissioner Goodell is after.

What do you think?

You Don’t Live In Cleveland!

One of the biggest rivalries here in the state of Ohio is between the Bengals andsamwyche.jpg Browns. Of course, the teams meet twice a year and the first 2007 matchup takes place this weekend in Cleveland.

Lots to get to but first of all, take a good look at former Bengal coach Sam Wyche, who made the now famous quote during a game against Seattle in December of 1989. Bengals fans in protest of what they perceived to be a bad call by the officials, began to throw beer bottles and other debris onto the field at the referees and the Seahawks, who were at their own 4-yard line and an easy target from the bleachers. Seattle refused to continue until they stopped, and play was halted by the officials. In order to stop the onslaught, Wyche was given a house microphone to try to calm the crowd, asking fans to please point out anyone throwing anything to stadium security and chided the fans who were doing the throwing: “The next person you see that throws something, point em out! You don’t live in Cleveland, you live in Cincinnati!”

Get ready for the rivalry this sunday!