Bengals vs. Jets Game Preview


This Sunday the Bengals attempt to break out of a serious funk with a home game against the New York Jets. Believe it or not, this will be the first Sunday home game for the Bengals this season as their other two homers were on Monday Night. A return home should be a plus for them as they face a team in similar disappointing disarray in the Jets.

The injuries are still there for the Bengals, but it is time to suck it up and overcome them, they are all over the league after all. Here are some keys to Sunday’s tilt that we feel are important for the Bengals to control if they want to break out of this 4 game losing streak and gain some momentum leading into Steeler week.

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Tab Perry & Ethan Kilmer To IR, C. Perry Still In Doubt


The Bengals placed two players on the Injured Reserve this week, thus ending their seasons. Tab Perry, the Bengals WR and kick returner was one, after only playing in two games this season, and special teamer Ethan Kilmer, who had yet to play in the 2007 season, will have to heal up and get ready for 08.

In other injury news, and there is alot of it. Willie Anderson and Rashard Genty returned to the practice field among others, of course having those two back would be a great thing for the Bengals this weekend against the Jets. For the full injury notes from yesterday, go here.

Still in question though is Chris Perry. The former Michigan RB who has been plauged by injury for most of his NFL career is now eligible to come off of the PUP list but everyone, including Chris, seems to have no idea what will happen. The Bengals have three weeks to evaluate Perry now and make a decision, let’s hope he is healthy enough to contribute this season.

Bengals Drop To 1-4 After Loss At Kansas City


By many accounts, there is not alot of hope left for our Cincinnati Bengals after falling at Kansas City yesterday 27-20. As a Bengal fan, this was incredibly frustrating to watch as opportunity after opportunity slipped away. Carson Palmer was at times spot on perfect with his throws and at other times he was throwing to the K.C. defense. The running game was mostly non-existent even though Kenny Watson and Rudi Johnson shared the load, but playing from behind did not allow for too much on the ground.

The defense was its usual self, I cannot remember a Bengals team ever being able to shut down a good pass catching tight end, and Tony Gonzalez torched the Bengals for over 100 yards and 2 TDs. Marvin Lewis looked literally nervous at times on the sidelines, and quite disgusted towards the end of the game. You have to wonder how a team loses three straight games, has a blow up and a “team meeting” and then gets a extra week to think about it, and responds like this.

So what is next for the Bengals? Sure, they will get some players back from injury eventually, and Chris Henry should return as well after his suspension but does it really matter? The Bengals schedule going forward is not incredibly daunting and the last four games are very winnable, but does that really matter?

Maybe it is time to play for a nice draft pick……

Willie Anderson’s Streak To End


Offensive tackle Willie Anderson is a Bengals fixture, and has been a Bengal for a long time, way longer than anyone else currently on the roster. He is one of the few holdovers in the franchise to play for Dave Shula, Bruce Coslet, Dick Lebeau and Marvin Lewis. The last time Willie missed a game was back in January of 2000 against the Jags. His streak of 116 games will be snapped as he has been declared out for this weekend.

Stacy Andrews will replace Big Willie on the line this weekend against the Chiefs.

Jonathan Joseph Suspended For KC Game

Bengals CB Jonathan Joseph received a one game suspension from the NFL forjoseph2.jpg violating the substance abuse policy today. Joseph is a first time offender, which is why he only got one game rather than the 4 game policy that is usually enforced. But it appears that “hard ass” Goddell continues to lay down the law. Yet another Bengals defensive play

The NFL ruling stems from Joseph’s arrest in Kentucky back in January for marijuana possession. The case had been dismissed back in the spring after Joseph went into a diversionary program and complied with what the Bengals say is all league and law-enforcement obligations.

Joseph joins Bengals wideout Chris Henry on the suspended list, who was again in court today himself, facing probation violations. Henry did have all eight probation violations dismissed however, and should still plan on being back in uniform in 4 games.

Houshmandzadeh says the Bengals will finish better than .500


Shocking news out of Bengal practice this week as a Bengal wideout is making predictions and it is NOT Chad Johnson. It’s true, T.J. Houshmandzadeh said this week after practice that he feels like the Bengals will better for the remainder of the season and that they should finish better than people are expecting. With the remaining Bengals schedule, (they have an remaining schedule in which they face 12 games against teams that are a combined eight games under .500) they really should, so let’s not get too enamored with these comments. Here they are in full on, and here are a few that we like.

“I’ll bet you money we finish with a better record than everybody thinks.”

Told most probably think 8-8, he said, “It’s just my opinion, but we’ll finish better than that. It’s all about confidence.”

“When you’re winning, your confidence is sky high; no matter the score, you think you’re going to win,” Houshmandzadeh said. “When a team is losing, you might start doubting yourself when the going gets tough. A winning team thinks they’re going to win because that’s what they do. A losing team might second-guess themselves. But guess what? The Chiefs can look at us and say the same thing. Maybe they’re looking at us and saying, ‘We’ve got Cincinnati coming in. We can get back to where we need to go.’

Boring! No wonder Chad gets all the headlines……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

T.J. had some similar comments for NFL Network recently as well (above photo) and you can view the entire interview by following this link.

The Bengals Did Not Lose This Weekend


And that is just the start of the good news for our boys, as they are still at rest today after the bye week. In the meantime, other teams battled it out in Week 5, with Monday Night Football still to come tonight. Here are some notable stories from yesterday’s games around the NFL.

  • Injuries around the league continue to pile up. This week we saw Trent Green get another concussion (photo above), Micheal Pittman was the starting RB in Tampa, for a second, now is out 6-8 weeks. Deion Branch, Santonio Holmes, and Damon Huard also left games after being dinged. Good news for Bengal fans, as Brodie Croyle gets the nod for KC next week against Cincinnati.
  • Falcons TE Alge Crumpler calls his offense, the worst in the NFL after a 20-13 loss to Tennessee.
  • The Chargers may be back after a 41-3 drubbing of Denver
  • The Bears avoided a 1-4 start by beating Green Bay last night and ruining the Farve love fest.
  • The Colts remained perfect despite not having their top WR (Harrision) and thier top RB (Addai) on the field.

More to come, including a look at the remaining Bengals schedule and how we think they might fare…..

Bengals Hobble Into The Bye Week

As everyone knows by now, injuries are a part of the NFL season for every team. The Bengals have had an extra bad dose of them through the first quarter of the season and could badly use this upcoming week off. Before the break, the team got together for practice yesterday, here is the latest on the walking wounded as well as a new signing.

  • Only one Linebacker dressed for practice yesterday (Dhani Jones), Landon Johnson (eye) appeared on the field and looked to be fine with nothing on his eye. Anthony Schlegel is apparently still dealing with his turf toe. Rashard Geanty was seen getting some work in on the side with strength and conditioning coaches.
  • Chad Johnson was seen wearing a walking boot after an apparent ankle injury, but should not miss any time.
  • Lemar Marshall suffered a season-ending torn left Achilles tendon in Monday night’s game against New England and was put on injured reserve.
  • Rudi Johnson should be back in week 6 after some rest.
  • Concerns about tackle Willie Anderson continue to mount, and he missed another practice yesterday.
  • The Bengals signed linebacker Corey Mays off waivers from New England.

The Bengals have a practice this morning and then get the weekend off….

Marvin Lewis and Dr. Hibbert – Separated At Birth?

Marvin Lewis and Dr. Julius Hibbert of The Simpsons have alot in common, but the most obvious thing I find that binds these two guys is their ability tohibbert1.jpg laughmarvin1.jpg in situations when nothing is funny. Hibbert can do so when describing a fatal illness for the first time to a patient, and Lewis when talking about a swiss cheese Bengals defense and how “my message never changes” like in his presser today.


Lewis also thought it was hilarious when he apologized for being so loud in chewing out his team Monday night after their dismal performance against the Pats. For all the knee slapping good times, be sure to head on over to for the press conference which was of course held earlier today at PBS.


And as for the Hibbert / Lewis connection, have you ever seen them in the same room together? I didn’t think so….

Patriots Dominate Bengals 34-13

I know there are not many Bengal fans that expected to win this one, but I at least expected them to be more competitive.moss1.jpg The Bengals came out flat on Monday Night Football last night (how do you do that?) and played poorly most of the night. Sure, there are plenty of excuses…. The Patriots are possibly the best team in football, the Bengals had an unreal amount of injuries in the LB core to deal with, etc, but it all comes down to one thing. The Bengals were hosed again and did not seem to put up much of a fight.

The ESPN crew quoted defenseive captain John Thornton last night in the second half saying that Thornton felt the Bengals “did not know how to respond to adversity”, that they either were rock solid or just rolled over. Well, injuries or not, last night they rolled over.

Lets take a look at our keys to the game and how things shook out….. (photo credit)

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