Bengals Pummel Titans 35-6 – Who Are These Guys?

This is the team we hoped we were getting this year. This is the team that had high hopes this preseason and all lastchad1.jpg offseason despite not really adding anything outside of the draft to the defense. These are the guys we felt could make a playoff run, and maybe more. Yesterday the Bengals pulled a Jeckyl and Hyde on us and totally owned the Titans to the tune of a 35-6 butt whoopin.

Carson Palmer put one of his worst games as a pro behind him and was about as accurate as I have seen him. Chad Johnson returned to the end zone, three times and made some amazing toe tapping catches as he set the team record for career receptions and his own personal record for catches in a game. Rudi Johnson scored a touchdown. The defense did not allow a touchdown.

Granted, the Titans are not worldbeaters, but are contenders for the playoffs still and have by all accounts been a better team than Cincinnati all season. And now this defeat has them feeling alot worse than us, despite still being in the hunt.

So, we get today to feel like we have a real team here, and lets hope it lasts longer than that.

Bengals Drop Another Winnable Game 35-27

Dear Bengals, you just lost to the Arizona Cardinals, at home.

This team is so predictable, and at times, I have no idea what will happen. The predictible part of the story tells me they cards1.jpg will lose another game against a team they should beat, at home. The unpredictable side is how that would happen. If you asked me last Friday how I thought the Bengals would lose this one, if we had been able to see the final score in advance, I would have said some very different things than what the outcome produced.

I would not have expected 4 INT’s from Carson Palmer for example, with two of them going back the other way for touchdowns. I would not have expected the defense to actually give us opportunities in the fourth quarter only to see the offense give it right back. I would not have expected the Bengals to actually rally within one point in the fourth quarter and get the crowd back into the game, only to crap it all away.

But, that is why they play the game I guess, and here they are sitting at 3-7, the season really now is “officially” lost. So despite a few high points for the defense in the second half, and a blocked punt for a score????!!!?!?!? I had to seriously do a double take when that happened, when was the last time the Bengals did that? (Looks like it was 18 years ago as Barney Bussey recovered cornerback Eric Thomas’ block in the end zone during a 42-7 win over the Lions at Riverfront Stadium on Nov. 19, 1989.)

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Rudi Johnson – Most Dissapointing RB in the NFL


Sports Illustrated gave us a list this week of the top 10 most dissapointing running backs in the NFL so far this season and topping things off at #1 is our very own Rudi Johnson. Too bad for Rudi, who seemed to be the model of consistency over the past few years as the feature back in Cincinnati. Injuries have been a major cause of the dissapointment, but even when Rudi has been seemingly healthy, things have not gone his way.

In both 2005 and 2006 Johnson topped 1300 yards rushing had 12 touchdowns each season. This year, in limited work, Rudi has only 242 yards, a embarrassing 2.4 yards a carry average and has yet to reach the endzone on a run. If Rudi is not healthy, the dude needs to say something. There is nothing worse than watching a guy try to “gut it out” when he is hurt. If he is healthy, then it is pretty obvious that he has lost a step and the Bengals needs to start thinking about who fills that role going forward.

Bengals News and Notes – November 15th

Here are some Bengals news and notes as the team prepares to take on Arizona this weekend at Paul Brown Stadium here in Cincinnati. First off, the injury news.

  • The Bengals placed another LB on Injured Reserver this week, Caleb Miller’s season is now over
  • Some Bengals that should be returning to the lineup this weekend include Reggie Kelly (knee) and defensive tackle John Thornton (neck stinger)
  • Willie Anderson will miss another game this weekend
  • Madieu Williams missed practice Wednesday, but hopes to return to practice today

In other Bengals news, here are some links and quotes to stories across the web involving our boys….

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Bengals Beat Ravens 21-7 on Graham’s Leg

This was a very winnable game from the get go. Cincinnati has always matched up well with the Ravens, and both teamsgraham.jpg are not anywhere near their best at this point. But still, with the Bengals playing on the road and against a divisional opponent, nothing is for sure. The Bengals pulled out a 21-7 win yesterday in Baltimore however, beating quickly aging and equally banged up Ravens squad whos offensive woes are nearly equal to the defensive woes our Bengals usually endure.

But, there is something very bittersweet about this win over Baltimore, and don’t get me wrong, a win is just that and I am glad the Bengals did not lie down again on the road, but there are some oddities about this contest that should keep Bengals fans alarmed despite the win.

Since we whiffed on the preview last week, lets do a positives/ negatives slant on our recap today……

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Marvin Lewis Interviewed On

Marvin Lewis sat down with Geoff Hobson of this week for a pretty good interview in which Hobson asks somemarvin2.jpg legitimate questions of the Bengals head coach. I picked out some of my favorite quotes from the interview today and will comment on each. I think what surprises me most is the amount of times Marvin uses the injuries issue to defend himself here. Have a look.

Hobson – “hat is the difference between this season and the previous four seasons when you contended until December or won the division? ”

Marvin – ” With the injuries we’ve had we struggled early on in special teams with new guys and new fits and where they belong. Particularly every day or every week there were new guys in new spots. For the first three or four weeks of the season we went through that. Now we’ve kind of settled in and gotten our sea legs underneath us a little bit that way and fit back to where we need to be. We’ve made a lot of progress in special teams. We’ve had the same guys with the same responsibilities for a while.”

Our thoughts – This is only a portion of Marvin’s answer, but I actually agree with this about special teams, it is however the first of many comments on injuries.

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Chris Henry Can’t Stay Out Of Trouble

Looks like our guy Chris Henry is at it again. And while this may not be as “serious”henry12.jpg or cause him to do any more suspension time, it is appalling nonetheless.

Recently reinstated Bengals WR Chris Henry is accused of harassing a valet parking attendant after Henry allegedly left his car without paying.

The parking attendant accuses Henry of going chest to chest with him and saying “”F-you…F-this…don’t you know who I am?” Henry allegedly also threw a five dollar bill on the ground in front of the attendant and declared “You better pick that up b—-“. No charges have been filed, but the Bengals issued a statement on the matter: “We are aware of the reports. At this point it’s not clear that anything substansive will develop.”

Atta boy Chris! Welcome back dumbass!

Bengals Midseason Report Card


(Carson Palmer predicts the wins the Bengals have left in them in 2007)

Yes, even though I know others are doing the same thing, it is time for our Bengals midseason report card. The team sits at 2-6 and many have been reminded of the horrid decade that was the 1990’s for the Bengals. Our Bengals will be graded by yours truly in all aspects here and I gotta be honest, the results are not very good.

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The Return Of Chris Henry


The official return of Bengals WR Chris Henry happens this Wednesday as he takes the practice field again after serving his eight game suspension from the league. Henry adds a potent weapon to a struggling Bengals offense and I am hoping it can help out the other receivers and QB Carson Palmer.

So today I thought I would take a look at the impact of Henry on this team in a bit of a detailed fashion, here is what shook out.

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