Brett Favre Started By Beating The Bengals

Yes, it is true. Back on Sept. 20, 1992 in a game against the Bengals at Lambeau Field, Brett Favre came on in relief of Don Majikowski and picked apart the Bengals defense. In this great old video, Costas, Buddy Ryan and O.J. Simpson talk about the questionable defense by rookie head coach David Shula and interview Favre as well.

They even make sure to let you know it is prononced “Farve” despite the spelling. Enjoy!

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Cincinnati tried to get their revenge on Favre years later, as a dumbass fan ran onto the fied at Paul Brown Stadium and stole the ball from Brett. This video shows an excellent view of the fan getting crushed by security after his drunken jaunt. Try to ignore the music.

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Antwan Odom Signs With Bengals

Just when you thought the Bengals would take this free agency period and totally “Bungle” it, just when you thought theyodom.jpg would take all that extra cash and spend it on uniforms for the ushers, they actually do something. The Bengals have announced that they have signed Antwan Odom to a 5 year, $29.5 million dollar deal this week.

Odom recorded a personal best 8 sacks last season, and had previously never had more than 2 in a NFL season. Odom was the 57th overall pick by the Titans in 2004 out of the University of Alabama. He will replace Justin Smith on the end and should be a good compliment to Robert Geathers.

Now, for the skeptical Bengal fan inside me. Is this guy that good? Or did he just capitalize on …..

  1. Playing alongside one of the best DL in the game, Albert Haynesworth
  2. Getting 2 of his career high 8 sacks in the final week against the Colts, which was a throwaway game for Indy
  3. Starting all his games last season for the first time in his short career

Obviously, if the Bengals can snag Dwayne Robertson as well, these points might not be as valid, and maybe the kid just had a breakout year, but count me as skeptical right now. And it looks like the Robertson deal was botched as well…..

Justin Smith Signs With 49ers


Another career Bengal up to this point has left the fold. Justin Smith, the Bengals first round pick back in 2001 out of Missouri. Smith had a roller coaster ride of a career in Cincinnati with more question marks than exclamation points. In his 7 seasons as a Bengal though, he did register 43.5 sacks. Which is more than any other Bengal can say over that time period.

The Niners made a big push to get Smith, who was rumored to be heading to Minnesota and Jacksonville on his free agent tour. He was so impressed in SF however, that his search ended there.

“Why go on another visit if you’re just going to be right back here?”

Smith signed a a six-year contract for $45 million on Saturday, including $20 million in guarantees. Yet another purge from the Bengals defense that is getting a big time overhaul this off season. More exits than entrances so far though, lets hope that changes very soon.

Shaun Rogers Deal Voided By League, Cleveland Benefits

If you were keeping a close eye on the first day of free agent signings in the NFL yesterday, you probably saw the reportshaunrogers.jpg that the Bengals had actually gone out and acquired a good defensive run stopper via trade. Yes, I know, hard to believe. Well, if you went to bed last night with any doubts, you have woken up this morning only to see those doubts confirmed.

The NFL voided the trade that would have sent Rogers to Cincinnati in exchange for the Bengals 3rd and 5th round picks in this years draft. Mark Curnutte is reporting on his blog that the deal was nixed because it ran afoul of league salary-cap rules. That is all we know right now about it falling through. And what do you know, our free spending rivals up in Cleveland have managed to make the deal to acquire Rogers.

Like a starving dog jumps on a discarded hunk of meat, the Browns have now announced a trade that sends Shaun Rogers to the mistake by the lake for corner Leigh Bodden and a 3rd rounder. Wow, why do I have a feeling this comes back to bite us on the ass in some way? Just when you think the Bengals have someone promising that can stop the run, it goes away, in a matter of hours……

Edit**** Just noticed this tidbit on Marks blog as well, worth mentioning….

The issues appear to be differences on compensation — initial information was the Bengals would give the Lions third- and fifth-round picks in April’s draft — and knowledge of an incident involving Rogers and a dancer at a strip club last year.

So possibly we avoided another legal headache? Time will tell…..

Madieu Williams Signs With Minnesota

Bengals Safety Madieu Williams has signed a free agent deal with the Minnesota Vikings this week as the free agencymadieu1.jpg period got underway in the NFL yesterday. Williams had spent his entire 4 year career with Cincinnati and was the pick that the Bengals received when they dealt Corey Dillon to the Patriots 4 years ago. Williams looked incredibly talented at times but injuries have plauged him throughout his career.

Williams joins an incredibly talented defense in Minnesota, and we will all see if he did not shine due to the Bengals system, or he was never much to talk about anyway. The 6 year deal is worth a total of $33 million and allows Williams to rejoin with his old Defensive Coordinator, Leslie Frazier.

Does this mean the Bengals are alright with Marvin White and Chinedum Ndukwe as their starting safties? Let’s hope the visit of Marlon Mcree changes that…….

NFL Fans And Alchohol Abuse – Real Sports

A great job reporting on this video by Bryant Gumbel, who happens to be a horrid announcer but still does an excellent job on HBO’s Real Sports. This is not directly Bengal related, but it is related to all NFL stadiums as drunk are taking over our Sundays and making things totally ridiculous for those of us that are not binge drinking.

Check out the piece below….

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Bresnahan, Hunley Fired

My apologies for the lack of updates here of late, it was a brutal season andbres.jpg sometimes the thought of covering it made me sick to my stomach, but here we are, the time of year when hope springs, the offseason. I actually had the unfortunate irony to watch the Bengals / Dolphins game this weekend while on vacation in Florida, I thought I could get away from them, but they followed me.

Anyway, the real news today is that the Bengals are actually doing something about this horrid season. And of course, can you blame them? And also what should be a no brainer, it begins on defense.

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Chad Hearts Patrick Willis

Why is Chad suddenly happy again? Just curious, but it seems like ole Ocho Cinco is back to his joking self with the media.chad12.jpg He spoke about San Fran linebacker Patrick Willis this week in an interview with the San Fransisco Chronicle, and had this to say….

Who in the (expletive) is 52? Oh, my (expletive) God! I done seen a lot of linebackers in a seven-year period. That (expletive) is good! You guys can laugh all you want, he is the real deal! He’s playing with a cast on his hand, right? All during film, I’m calling him Bam-Bam.”

Ha ha ha, wait, thats not funny…..

He’s the truth. You just tell him 85 said you’re the truth. I stopped watching the DBs to watch him. I don’t know anything about playing the position, but I know when someone is doing something right, because he is making every damn play.”

Maybe before the game, they will get together and Chad will give him a big hug and willis.jpgask that he not send him out on a stretcher. Willis leads the NFL in tackles with 136, according to official league statistics. The 49ers credit their rookie with 183 stops.

On the flip side, 85 could care less about the San Fransisco secondary…..

I don’t care who I see. They could put Oprah out there, I’ll run routes on her. Since she has so much money, she’d be a man-to-man, lock-down corner because they’re the ones that get paid.”

Bengals Top Rams In What Is An Almost UnWatchable Game

It is not often you will hear me bemoan a Bengals win, but this week, at Paul Brown Stadium, I took in one of the worstrudi.jpg games of the season. And that is saying alot, after all, the Bengals have already been smacked down by the likes of Arizona, Cleveland and Pittsburgh twice. Not to mention that horrible win over Baltimore, where we scored 7 times, none of them touchdowns. But there was something especially putrid about this win over the Rams, 19-10.

First off, this looked like a good game to most on the schedule back in September, but the Rams have been battling injuries to Stephen Jackson and Marc Bulger all year. Their O-line has been decimated by injuries, and apparently, the coaches are taking the 2nd half of games off. Jackson ran wild on the Bengals defense in the first half of this one, and just when you think he is gonna go for 100 and a score in the second half, they stop running the ball.

I won’t complain though, our boys did win to improve to 5-8 (mediocrity here we come!). When FOX flashed a stat up during the game though, I was nauseous instantly. Did you know that Marvin Lewis is the only Bengals coach in history NOT to have a losing season? Nevermind the super mediocre seasons where he finished 8-8 (3 times). I mean seriously, did Mike Brown himself pay FOX to run that stat? And that dream of a season (8-8) is still within reach this year too Bengals fans! Don’t give up, we believe!

I guess I should mention some highlights from the game though, I think there were a couple, read em after the jump……

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Bengals “Playoff Game” Ruined By Steelers

The players said all week that this game was like a playoff game. This week and allpalmer1.jpg weeks going forward were to be treated as such, and even then, the Bengals needed loads of help to make a 11th hour playoff run. Well, as much as that was a bunch of bull crap, so was the Bengals performance last night in front of a national audience.

Sure, Carson Palmer and the Bengal offense were nearly flawless on their opening drive, cruising down the field in a drive that ended with the second touchdown of the season for Rudi Johnson. But after that, it was mostly downhill. Pittsburgh tried badly to let the Bengals back in the game, turning it over four times to the Bengals one, but it did not help.

While the Steeler offense did what it needed to do (outside of the turnovers), but running it down the Bengals throats on first and second down, which usually allowed Ben Roethlisberger to pick apart the Cincy secondary on third downs, the Bengals were constantly looking confused on offense and whining about the lack of penalty flags thrown, beautiful.

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