Antwan Odom Signs With Bengals

Just when you thought the Bengals would take this free agency period and totally “Bungle” it, just when you thought theyodom.jpg would take all that extra cash and spend it on uniforms for the ushers, they actually do something. The Bengals have announced that they have signed Antwan Odom to a 5 year, $29.5 million dollar deal this week.

Odom recorded a personal best 8 sacks last season, and had previously never had more than 2 in a NFL season. Odom was the 57th overall pick by the Titans in 2004 out of the University of Alabama. He will replace Justin Smith on the end and should be a good compliment to Robert Geathers.

Now, for the skeptical Bengal fan inside me. Is this guy that good? Or did he just capitalize on …..

  1. Playing alongside one of the best DL in the game, Albert Haynesworth
  2. Getting 2 of his career high 8 sacks in the final week against the Colts, which was a throwaway game for Indy
  3. Starting all his games last season for the first time in his short career

Obviously, if the Bengals can snag Dwayne Robertson as well, these points might not be as valid, and maybe the kid just had a breakout year, but count me as skeptical right now. And it looks like the Robertson deal was botched as well…..