Justin Smith Signs With 49ers


Another career Bengal up to this point has left the fold. Justin Smith, the Bengals first round pick back in 2001 out of Missouri. Smith had a roller coaster ride of a career in Cincinnati with more question marks than exclamation points. In his 7 seasons as a Bengal though, he did register 43.5 sacks. Which is more than any other Bengal can say over that time period.

The Niners made a big push to get Smith, who was rumored to be heading to Minnesota and Jacksonville on his free agent tour. He was so impressed in SF however, that his search ended there.

“Why go on another visit if you’re just going to be right back here?”

Smith signed a a six-year contract for $45 million on Saturday, including $20 million in guarantees. Yet another purge from the Bengals defense that is getting a big time overhaul this off season. More exits than entrances so far though, lets hope that changes very soon.