Shaun Rogers Deal Voided By League, Cleveland Benefits

If you were keeping a close eye on the first day of free agent signings in the NFL yesterday, you probably saw the reportshaunrogers.jpg that the Bengals had actually gone out and acquired a good defensive run stopper via trade. Yes, I know, hard to believe. Well, if you went to bed last night with any doubts, you have woken up this morning only to see those doubts confirmed.

The NFL voided the trade that would have sent Rogers to Cincinnati in exchange for the Bengals 3rd and 5th round picks in this years draft. Mark Curnutte is reporting on his blog that the deal was nixed because it ran afoul of league salary-cap rules. That is all we know right now about it falling through. And what do you know, our free spending rivals up in Cleveland have managed to make the deal to acquire Rogers.

Like a starving dog jumps on a discarded hunk of meat, the Browns have now announced a trade that sends Shaun Rogers to the mistake by the lake for corner Leigh Bodden and a 3rd rounder. Wow, why do I have a feeling this comes back to bite us on the ass in some way? Just when you think the Bengals have someone promising that can stop the run, it goes away, in a matter of hours……

Edit**** Just noticed this tidbit on Marks blog as well, worth mentioning….

The issues appear to be differences on compensation — initial information was the Bengals would give the Lions third- and fifth-round picks in April’s draft — and knowledge of an incident involving Rogers and a dancer at a strip club last year.

So possibly we avoided another legal headache? Time will tell…..