Bresnahan, Hunley Fired

My apologies for the lack of updates here of late, it was a brutal season andbres.jpg sometimes the thought of covering it made me sick to my stomach, but here we are, the time of year when hope springs, the offseason. I actually had the unfortunate irony to watch the Bengals / Dolphins game this weekend while on vacation in Florida, I thought I could get away from them, but they followed me.

Anyway, the real news today is that the Bengals are actually doing something about this horrid season. And of course, can you blame them? And also what should be a no brainer, it begins on defense.

Partly responsible for the Bengals defense finishing 28th, 30th and 27th over the past three seasons, defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan and linebackers coach Ricky Hunley will be fired tomorrow officially, although it is already being reported over at

All I can say is, it is about time. Not that this will mean a whole lot, they could snag another stiff for each job and end up in the same position next year at this time, but at least some new blood will fill these voids. And like I said above, Bresnahan and Hunley are only partly responsible, the defense did get smacked by injuries this season, and last, and also had no help on the free agent market (remember Ed Hartwell anyone?).

Now, on to bigger matters, with Brian Billick getting the axe this week, how does Marvin Lewis have a job?