Chad Hearts Patrick Willis

Why is Chad suddenly happy again? Just curious, but it seems like ole Ocho Cinco is back to his joking self with the media.chad12.jpg He spoke about San Fran linebacker Patrick Willis this week in an interview with the San Fransisco Chronicle, and had this to say….

Who in the (expletive) is 52? Oh, my (expletive) God! I done seen a lot of linebackers in a seven-year period. That (expletive) is good! You guys can laugh all you want, he is the real deal! He’s playing with a cast on his hand, right? All during film, I’m calling him Bam-Bam.”

Ha ha ha, wait, thats not funny…..

He’s the truth. You just tell him 85 said you’re the truth. I stopped watching the DBs to watch him. I don’t know anything about playing the position, but I know when someone is doing something right, because he is making every damn play.”

Maybe before the game, they will get together and Chad will give him a big hug and willis.jpgask that he not send him out on a stretcher. Willis leads the NFL in tackles with 136, according to official league statistics. The 49ers credit their rookie with 183 stops.

On the flip side, 85 could care less about the San Fransisco secondary…..

I don’t care who I see. They could put Oprah out there, I’ll run routes on her. Since she has so much money, she’d be a man-to-man, lock-down corner because they’re the ones that get paid.”