Bengals Top Rams In What Is An Almost UnWatchable Game

It is not often you will hear me bemoan a Bengals win, but this week, at Paul Brown Stadium, I took in one of the worstrudi.jpg games of the season. And that is saying alot, after all, the Bengals have already been smacked down by the likes of Arizona, Cleveland and Pittsburgh twice. Not to mention that horrible win over Baltimore, where we scored 7 times, none of them touchdowns. But there was something especially putrid about this win over the Rams, 19-10.

First off, this looked like a good game to most on the schedule back in September, but the Rams have been battling injuries to Stephen Jackson and Marc Bulger all year. Their O-line has been decimated by injuries, and apparently, the coaches are taking the 2nd half of games off. Jackson ran wild on the Bengals defense in the first half of this one, and just when you think he is gonna go for 100 and a score in the second half, they stop running the ball.

I won’t complain though, our boys did win to improve to 5-8 (mediocrity here we come!). When FOX flashed a stat up during the game though, I was nauseous instantly. Did you know that Marvin Lewis is the only Bengals coach in history NOT to have a losing season? Nevermind the super mediocre seasons where he finished 8-8 (3 times). I mean seriously, did Mike Brown himself pay FOX to run that stat? And that dream of a season (8-8) is still within reach this year too Bengals fans! Don’t give up, we believe!

I guess I should mention some highlights from the game though, I think there were a couple, read em after the jump……

  • Rudi looked pretty good, running for the only Bengals touchdown and 92 yards
  • Brock Berlin did not torch the Bengals
  • The defense had a nice game

Wow, thats all I got. Palmer looked subpar again and I am not impressed with the offensive playcalling this year, at all. But hey, at least we have that play where Palmer fakes a pass and hands off down now!