Bengals “Playoff Game” Ruined By Steelers

The players said all week that this game was like a playoff game. This week and allpalmer1.jpg weeks going forward were to be treated as such, and even then, the Bengals needed loads of help to make a 11th hour playoff run. Well, as much as that was a bunch of bull crap, so was the Bengals performance last night in front of a national audience.

Sure, Carson Palmer and the Bengal offense were nearly flawless on their opening drive, cruising down the field in a drive that ended with the second touchdown of the season for Rudi Johnson. But after that, it was mostly downhill. Pittsburgh tried badly to let the Bengals back in the game, turning it over four times to the Bengals one, but it did not help.

While the Steeler offense did what it needed to do (outside of the turnovers), but running it down the Bengals throats on first and second down, which usually allowed Ben Roethlisberger to pick apart the Cincy secondary on third downs, the Bengals were constantly looking confused on offense and whining about the lack of penalty flags thrown, beautiful.

The Bengals assured themselves of yet another losing season, yes, that is what I said. Of course I say this because it was their 8th loss, and I do not consider 8-8 anything but a losing season, so chalk another one up for this group. Some angered observations include….

  • Rudi Johnson – Is either hurt or totally done
  • Carson Palmer – I want you to succeed, but last night you were awful, again (17-44)
  • However was responsible to cover Hines Ward – I cannot stand this man and his constant sarcastic smile, whoever was responsible for coverage on both of those touchdowns, should be benched shot.
  • Marvin Lewis – C’mon coach, should we still just “stay the course”, and “keep doing what we’re doing” or are you finally ready to admit this is a piss poor team?
  • Myself – Why do I continue to torture myself?