Bengals Drop Another Winnable Game 35-27

Dear Bengals, you just lost to the Arizona Cardinals, at home.

This team is so predictable, and at times, I have no idea what will happen. The predictible part of the story tells me they cards1.jpg will lose another game against a team they should beat, at home. The unpredictable side is how that would happen. If you asked me last Friday how I thought the Bengals would lose this one, if we had been able to see the final score in advance, I would have said some very different things than what the outcome produced.

I would not have expected 4 INT’s from Carson Palmer for example, with two of them going back the other way for touchdowns. I would not have expected the defense to actually give us opportunities in the fourth quarter only to see the offense give it right back. I would not have expected the Bengals to actually rally within one point in the fourth quarter and get the crowd back into the game, only to crap it all away.

But, that is why they play the game I guess, and here they are sitting at 3-7, the season really now is “officially” lost. So despite a few high points for the defense in the second half, and a blocked punt for a score????!!!?!?!? I had to seriously do a double take when that happened, when was the last time the Bengals did that? (Looks like it was 18 years ago as Barney Bussey recovered cornerback Eric Thomas’ block in the end zone during a 42-7 win over the Lions at Riverfront Stadium on Nov. 19, 1989.)

Dorsey blocked the punt, and his quote after the game says alot….. “I was hoping it would carry over and keep us going,” Dorsey said. “But they came back and made a big play and it didn’t work out for us.” Welcome to Cincinnati DeDe! Where momentum swings away from the Bengals in less than a minute!

And even though T.J continued to show flashes of brilliance, and Chris Henry is a flat out talent, all of that was not enough to overcome a horrid day for Carson Palmer and the hole the defense dug in the first half.

So, what is next for this team? Is it status quo for the remainder of the year? Will they simply trot out the guys that are healthy and finish at about 5-11? Probably, and I am sick of it….