Chris Henry Can’t Stay Out Of Trouble

Looks like our guy Chris Henry is at it again. And while this may not be as “serious”henry12.jpg or cause him to do any more suspension time, it is appalling nonetheless.

Recently reinstated Bengals WR Chris Henry is accused of harassing a valet parking attendant after Henry allegedly left his car without paying.

The parking attendant accuses Henry of going chest to chest with him and saying “”F-you…F-this…don’t you know who I am?” Henry allegedly also threw a five dollar bill on the ground in front of the attendant and declared “You better pick that up b—-“. No charges have been filed, but the Bengals issued a statement on the matter: “We are aware of the reports. At this point it’s not clear that anything substansive will develop.”

Atta boy Chris! Welcome back dumbass!