Bengals Midseason Report Card


(Carson Palmer predicts the wins the Bengals have left in them in 2007)

Yes, even though I know others are doing the same thing, it is time for our Bengals midseason report card. The team sits at 2-6 and many have been reminded of the horrid decade that was the 1990’s for the Bengals. Our Bengals will be graded by yours truly in all aspects here and I gotta be honest, the results are not very good.

  • Coaching – C + We give Marvin Lewis and company a very average grade for their very average coaching decisions thus far in 2007. The playcalling overall has been average, while the defensive schemes have seemed poor. Of course, the defense is also playing with loads of injuries, but it appears that most of the time this season, Defensive Coordinator Chuck Breshnihan has been trying to “play it safe”.
  • Bengals Passing Game – B While Chad Johnson has struggled of late, he still has put up big yardage numbers. T.J Houshmanzadeh has emerged as the go to option so far though and should be a Pro Bowl lock. Carson Palmer has been great at times, but has not performed at the franchise QB level we expect.
  • Bengals Running Game – D Injuries have certainly played a role in this grade, not to mention playing from behind so often and having to abandon the run. However, when Rudi Johnson has played he has looked slow. This could be due to injury but overall Kenny Watson has been the better back.
  • Bengals Defense F – You knew it was coming did’nt you? The Bengals Defense has once again been horrific, even with injuries aside, what about this defense scares anyone? The young corners Hall and Joseph have been bad and Deltha O’Neal is mostly non-existant. The line has rarely put pressure on a Quarterback and the banged up LB core is a bunch of waiver wire pickups and cast offs not including Landon Johnson.
  • Bengals Special Teams B- – Early in the year the special teams play was horrific, but has actually improved quite a bit in the past month or so. Not only have the Bengals kept from giving up a return score for quite a while, but they even got one themselves last week from Glenn Holt.
  • Bengals Off The Field B – Much better than previous seasons for sure. So much for that thought that off field antics were a bad thing and a distraction. 2007’s edition of the Bengals have zero in season arrests and even Chris Henry returns to the field this week, still they sit at 2-6.