Bengals vs. Bills Game Preview


Another week and another “chance” for the Bengals to end this downhill trend. If there is any shot of this team rallying and making the playoffs, it has to start NOW or it will not happen at all. I still doubt that even if they can pull out a win in Buffalo, where they have not won in more than 10 years, that they can make a playoff push, but I guess you gotta go one week at a time.

The Bengals (2-5) take on the Bills (3-4) this weekend in Buffalo and seem to be looking at a team with the almost opposite problems that have plagued Cincinnati this year. The Bills defense has been the most consistent aspect of this team, maybe outside of rookie Marshawn Lynch, and the offense has struggled mightily. While the Bengals can stop nobody on defense. Here are a few of our keys to the game this weekend.

  • J.P Losman – Losman returns as the start this week after losing the job earlier in the year to rookie Trent Edwards. With Edwards banged up, J.P. gets a second chance. The Bengals D have a way of making a player like Losman appear superhuman (see Derek Anderson) and this could easily happen again this weekend. The Bengals must avoid the big play from Losman to Evans if they want to win this weekend.
  • The Road – The Bengals are 0-3 this year on the road and need to cross this mental hurdle if they want to make a run at anything. Ralph Wilson Stadium is not an easy place to play but Cincinnati must overcome this in order to compete this weekend.
  • The First Half – Let me say this simply. If the Bengals win the first half, they win this game. I think they have forgotten what it is like to play with a lead and it has really hurt the confidence of this team. Other than the Baltimore game in week 1, Cincy has trailed in every game at the half this season and was only able to overcome that versus the Jets.

Our prediction?  Still can’t pick our boys to win on the road.

Bills 20 Bengals 16