Hot Seat Heats Up For Marvin Lewis

Marvin Lewis is of course, being scrutinized more than ever before right now, and for good reason. The Bengals are 2-5 andmarvin11.jpg have lost 8 of their last 10 games. Not to mention the second guessing Lewis is doing every now and then of his own decisions. Here are a few sources in the media citing Lewis and his obvious issues.

Don Banks, CNNSI
The next time the Bengals defense stops the run will be the first time the Bengals defense stops the run. The Steelers tore through Cincy for 160 yards in their win at Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday, led by Willie Parker‘s 126-yard, one-touchdown day on 22 carries. There’s no more glaring broken record in the NFL. Will the rushing defense woes ever end for Marvin Lewis‘ team?

Clark Judge,
Just asking: Why can’t Marvin Lewis build a defense in Cincinnati?

Marvin On 4th and 1
“In hindsight, we should have gone for it on fourth down rather than take the points,” Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis said after the game, a 24-13 loss to the Steelers. “I didn’t anticipate them driving down and getting a touchdown before halftime. Since we got the ball in the second half, I thought it was important to put up points at that point in the football game. Looking back on it, if we had scored a touchdown, it might have been more significant. But that is the decision I made based on that. We dug ourselves such a hole in the first half.”

(he later said he would kick the field goal again, here)

The bottom line in all this
Forget the issue of whether or not Marvin has lost this team….after Sunday, he has lost this fan base. I continue to be stunned at Marvin’s lack of awareness for situations during games….from clock management and challenges to 4th down decisions and whether or not to go for a two point conversion. He seems confused. He backpedaled on the two point conversion a couple of weeks ago…and backpedaled on the 4th down call today. How much confidence does that instill in a team and a fan base? (Lance McAllister 1530 Homer)

So, the Bengals will not fire Lewis, but he should be getting more heat from upstairs. And this song and dance at pressers is really really old. I cannot imagine having to attend those things.