Bengals don’t show up, lose to Pittsburgh 24-13

I think one quote from yesterday’s post game presser sums everything up for the offense so far this year and especiallytj1.jpg yesterday. This is from T.J. Houshmanzadeh.

“Good teams get in the end zone,” said Houshmandzadeh. “Teams like us kick field goals.”

Wow, that really hits the nail on the head. Of course, while many critics are burying the Bengals as I type this, we die hard fans are left to deal with the aftermath of another loss and surely some more painful Marvin Lewis press conferences this week. Let’s take a look at what our keys to the game where and see how things shook out for the Bengals.

  • Heath Miller – The Steeler tight end is having a great season so far and has been one of Big Bens primary red zone targets. The Bengals are notorius for leaving the TE uncovered and if they do that again, it could be a long day at the office. The Bengals mostly held Miller in check, though both of his catches (for 42 yards) came at crucial moments in the game.
  • Chad Johnson – Chad needs to play big. He has actually been overshadowed this season by TJ and it is about time he steps it up with a big performance. Pittsburgh has been able to take him out of games at times in the past, so if Chad is able to get over 100 yards and a score, the Bengals could win. Chad did little to nothing (5 catches 51 yards) based on expectations. No big plays and although he did make a couple nice catches, nothing to write home about here.
  • Bengals O-Line – This was a key to last weeks game and it is again this week. If the Bengals can protect Palmer, it will make all the difference in the world in this contest. They also need to take mental mistakes out of thier game, penalties from the line have killed drives at times this season. This one is a bit surprising, no sacks allowed by the O Line, and they even look real good at times, but still no deep threat. We can say we were wrong about this being a key as it obviously did not help although the line protected, but we are pretty confused other than that Pittsburgh’s corners really covered well Sunday.

We predicted a 10 point loss and got an 11 point L. This team is past the point of motivation it appears, sad to say that a win here could have easily put the season back on track, but we are getting beyond that happening now although the rest of the schedule is favorable. 2-5 sucks ass.