Mortensen Clears Up Chad Johnson Trade Story


Alot of rumors have been swirling recently regarding Chad Johnson being on the trade block after the season. And while it has been horribly mis-reported as a whole, it turns out it was ESPN “insider” Chris Mortensen who broke this story, although it was with some large holes. Well Mort came out this week to try and clarify things a bit. This is from….

“There were two parts to it,” Mortensen said Wednesday. “The first part dealt with the source saying that because of Chad’s passion and pride, they have to figure out a way to deal with him. The second part was my analysis that the discussions could bring them to a crossroads and that could involve a trade. At no time did a Bengals source tell me they could possibly trade him.”

That is just horrible Mort. It led to loads of celebrity like gossip stories and even to Keyshawn posing the question in his interview with CJ on ESPN Sunday Conversation. You know things are bad when the journalists are being misquoted. My guess is this was a big blown up thing to inflate the Sunday Conversation piece. Great job by ESPN….(thumbs down)