Bengals Drop To 1-4 After Loss At Kansas City


By many accounts, there is not alot of hope left for our Cincinnati Bengals after falling at Kansas City yesterday 27-20. As a Bengal fan, this was incredibly frustrating to watch as opportunity after opportunity slipped away. Carson Palmer was at times spot on perfect with his throws and at other times he was throwing to the K.C. defense. The running game was mostly non-existent even though Kenny Watson and Rudi Johnson shared the load, but playing from behind did not allow for too much on the ground.

The defense was its usual self, I cannot remember a Bengals team ever being able to shut down a good pass catching tight end, and Tony Gonzalez torched the Bengals for over 100 yards and 2 TDs. Marvin Lewis looked literally nervous at times on the sidelines, and quite disgusted towards the end of the game. You have to wonder how a team loses three straight games, has a blow up and a “team meeting” and then gets a extra week to think about it, and responds like this.

So what is next for the Bengals? Sure, they will get some players back from injury eventually, and Chris Henry should return as well after his suspension but does it really matter? The Bengals schedule going forward is not incredibly daunting and the last four games are very winnable, but does that really matter?

Maybe it is time to play for a nice draft pick……