Houshmandzadeh says the Bengals will finish better than .500


Shocking news out of Bengal practice this week as a Bengal wideout is making predictions and it is NOT Chad Johnson. It’s true, T.J. Houshmandzadeh said this week after practice that he feels like the Bengals will better for the remainder of the season and that they should finish better than people are expecting. With the remaining Bengals schedule, (they have an remaining schedule in which they face 12 games against teams that are a combined eight games under .500) they really should, so let’s not get too enamored with these comments. Here they are in full on Bengals.com, and here are a few that we like.

“I’ll bet you money we finish with a better record than everybody thinks.”

Told most probably think 8-8, he said, “It’s just my opinion, but we’ll finish better than that. It’s all about confidence.”

“When you’re winning, your confidence is sky high; no matter the score, you think you’re going to win,” Houshmandzadeh said. “When a team is losing, you might start doubting yourself when the going gets tough. A winning team thinks they’re going to win because that’s what they do. A losing team might second-guess themselves. But guess what? The Chiefs can look at us and say the same thing. Maybe they’re looking at us and saying, ‘We’ve got Cincinnati coming in. We can get back to where we need to go.’

Boring! No wonder Chad gets all the headlines……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

T.J. had some similar comments for NFL Network recently as well (above photo) and you can view the entire interview by following this link.