Marvin Lewis and Dr. Hibbert – Separated At Birth?

Marvin Lewis and Dr. Julius Hibbert of The Simpsons have alot in common, but the most obvious thing I find that binds these two guys is their ability tohibbert1.jpg laughmarvin1.jpg in situations when nothing is funny. Hibbert can do so when describing a fatal illness for the first time to a patient, and Lewis when talking about a swiss cheese Bengals defense and how “my message never changes” like in his presser today.


Lewis also thought it was hilarious when he apologized for being so loud in chewing out his team Monday night after their dismal performance against the Pats. For all the knee slapping good times, be sure to head on over to for the press conference which was of course held earlier today at PBS.


And as for the Hibbert / Lewis connection, have you ever seen them in the same room together? I didn’t think so….