Marvin Lewis Angers Press, Fans

Seems that Marvin is taking his frustrations out on the media after the embarrassing loss to the Brownies. In his pressmarvin-crutches.jpg conference, which you can watch at, here are some of the quotes that stood out.

Marvin basically says the Bengals lost due to 5 plays….

“We have to play better in the critical parts of games,” Lewis said at his Monday news conference. “Couple those five plays together and it’s a different outcome of the game. You look at the difference between the headlines in our area compared to the headlines four hours north and you’d think they shut us out. That’s the difference with plays being made.”

In response to Chick Ludwig that maybe the special teams was doing a poor job staying in their lanes on kick returns…..

“We didn’t play very well, but your very elemetary assessment of it is a little off base”

And of course, the shot that really got to the media types….

“As I tell (the players) all the time, No. 1, ‘Don’t try to explain it to (the media) because (they) don’t understand it.”

In addition to Marvin’s comments, defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan told the defense he would have changed only one call!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about throwing your players under the bus!

And the press is pissed, here are some of my favorite examples….

  • Good ole Chick Ludwig calls Lewis “Sumg and Condescending” in his column.
  • Paul Daugherty asks Marvin to “give the media and fans some credit” in his Enquirer piece.
    • “Look: I like Lewis as much as anyone. He’s done a good job here. Given the organization for which he works, he’s done a very good job. But treating the fawning media like a footwipe isn’t necessary, OK?”
  • Lance McAllister from 1530 Homer on his blog also chimes in.
    • “How is it that Marvin still doesn’t understand the media is the NFL’s extension to the fans? That is why the league mandates all the coaches talk after games and during the week. It’s all about the NFL packaging and presenting their product to the fans. Why do you think the media shows up each week….for kicks? It’s to get info to the fans in their papers or radio/tv stations. Why talk down to the media and the fans? What do you gain by being smug and arrogant? Especially when you have allowed 51 points and are .500 in 3 of 4 season?”

Overall though, a typical Bengals press conference, Chick says some dumb things, and asks too many questions. Marvin laughs alot like Dr. Hibbert from the Simpsons when nothing is funny and Dave Lapham kisses Marvin’s ass. Yep, seen this one before.