You Don’t Live In Cleveland!

One of the biggest rivalries here in the state of Ohio is between the Bengals andsamwyche.jpg Browns. Of course, the teams meet twice a year and the first 2007 matchup takes place this weekend in Cleveland.

Lots to get to but first of all, take a good look at former Bengal coach Sam Wyche, who made the now famous quote during a game against Seattle in December of 1989. Bengals fans in protest of what they perceived to be a bad call by the officials, began to throw beer bottles and other debris onto the field at the referees and the Seahawks, who were at their own 4-yard line and an easy target from the bleachers. Seattle refused to continue until they stopped, and play was halted by the officials. In order to stop the onslaught, Wyche was given a house microphone to try to calm the crowd, asking fans to please point out anyone throwing anything to stadium security and chided the fans who were doing the throwing: “The next person you see that throws something, point em out! You don’t live in Cleveland, you live in Cincinnati!”

Get ready for the rivalry this sunday!