Chad Johnson vs. The Dawg Pound

One of the side notes to this weekends matchup between the Bengals and Brownies isdawg2.jpg that Chad Johnson has gone on record saying that if he scores, he is jumping into the Dawg Pound. Again, it’s Chad being Chad, and I for one don’t mind.

Now, is jumping into the enemy fan’s “lair” a good idea? Usually not really, but everyone seems to like Chad and the Dawg Pound is not the battery throwing rough house it once was, so why not? Here are quotes from both Chad, and that fat-ass guy that dresses up like a dog every sunday……

Chad – “It’ll be fun, man. I love the Dawg Pound,” said Johnson. “I talked to a gentleman – I’m not sure what his name is – but he’s sat there every year since my rookie year. Before every game, I go up to him and talk to him. A heavy-set guy who wears a mask. I talk to him all the time every year. I told him I’m going to jump in there. So I don’t know. If I see him again, I’m going to let him know: I’m going to jump in here.

chadjohnson2.jpg“If y’all beat up on me, don’t hit me too hard.

Fat Ass Cleveland Guy – “Maybe I’ll fake like I’m going to catch him and then when he jumps get out of the way,” Thompson joked Wednesday from Cleveland. “No, I wouldn’t do anything to him, but there are some guys around me that might. I’d have to make it look good and maybe just hit him on the back a few times so it doesn’t look like I’m coddling him.”

Also from tub o lard, the Browns fan…..

“He likes our gig; he said he likes our dedication,” Thompson said. “That was real nice. He didn’t have to say that. He told me to keep barking. But I hope he doesn’t (jump in). That means we held him down.”

Sounds like Chad and this guy are BFF…..i’m getting teary eyed.