Carson Palmer goes on record regarding Patriots scandal


I have not let the Patriots cheating scandal seep into our Bengals blog yet this week, but after Carson Palmer went on record about it, I thought it was as good of a time as any to throw out an opinion of my own as well. Of course, at this point you know that the Patriots are on the brink of some sort of penalty regarding a Patriots employee being caught on the Jets sideline last weekend with a video camera. The employee was trying to gain an unfair advantage by video taping Jets defensive signals.

Carson Palmer said this regarding the scandal.palmer1.jpg

Hopefully there’s a harsh enough penalty that it’s not worth it to try to cheat and try to get any advantage that you’re not allowed to get,” Palmer said. “I hope the commissioner is just as harsh on them as he’s been on individual players for making mistakes“.

I don’t disagree with Palmer, and I think the commissioner will come down rather hard on the Pats. But, lets get something straight. I have heard some people saying the Belichick needs to be suspended for multiple games or that the Patriots need to have games forfeited. I have even heard some say that there should be an asterisk next to their Super Bowl wins. That my friends, is ridiculous.

There is no way to prove that this is something that happened in the past or to penalize for it, and while I think this will at the very least cause many who felt the Pats were pure as snow to think twice now. I think the penalty, should no other things arise, should be a high draft pick next season (1st or 2nd round) and a hefty fine. This will ensure that other teams and the Pats don’t try this again. And in the end, that has to be what Commissioner Goodell is after.

What do you think?