Jonathan Ogden Not Impressed With Bengals D


Despite not being able to stay on the field for a full quarter, Ravens offensive lineman Jonathan Ogden decided to give the Bengals some bulletin board material for the next time they play each other. Here is what Odgen had to say regarding his injury and the Bengals defense.

“All-Pro left tackle Jonathan Ogden said he’ll probably have an MRI on his left big toe to determine how significant the injury is. He’s already had the tendons in his toe surgically repaired once, but doesn’t think his new injury will require another surgery.

“I knew I was hurt when [Justin Smith] bull-rushed me,” Ogden said. “It just gave out, and I knew I couldn’t go on it.”

When I asked him how tough Smith and Robert Geathers were to block, Ogden rolled his eyes and said, “They ain’t Freeney and Mathis.”

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Dear past your prime Ogden. Get over it and stop your whining!