They Said It – Our Favorite Bengals-Ravens Quotes

We like to scour the online news articles after gameday so you don’t have to. Here are some of our favorite quotes from thepalmerinterview.jpg locker room after last nights game from both Bengals and Ravens.

I knew I had sewn it up,” Geathers said. “I work on it all the time. I knew I had gotten my hands under there.”

“It’s always a defensive lineman’s dream to get in the end zone,” Geathers said. “I fell a little short tonight.

“I ran out of gas a little bit. I don’t know how I let an offensive lineman catch me.”- Robert Geathers about his interception.

This will never happen again, putting my team in a position with six turnovers. This will never happen again.” – Steve McNair after his embarrassing performance Monday.

They were going to have to cut my leg off to keep me off the field,” – Shayne Graham about his injury.

It’s tough to make a call like that with that situation in the game,” Heap said. “From my point of view, he’s grabbing my jersey and I try to get his hands off and go make a play. But I’m not calling the game and they are. And you got to go with what their calls are.” – Todd Heap speaks about the questionable interference call late in the game.


Let’s face it. Everyone is picking the Baltimore Ravens or Cincinnati Bengals to win the division, or Pittsburgh. A tough division. Yeah, (the hitting) was like a playoff game.“- Dexter Jackson

The defense sure had my back,” Johnson said. “I owe them big time. Big time. I told them that if we keep playing like this, both sides of the ball, the sky’s the limit.” – Rudi comments on his 4th quarter fumble.

I don’t want people to think I’m just out there for some stupid streak,” Anderson said. “I want to be able to play at a high level and help the team.” – Willie Anderson on his foot injury